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Nghe An Province, Vietnam

Nghe An
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16,500 km2

3,064,000 people

1,892,000 people

Growth Rate 0.87%

(at curent price)
USD 2.8 bn

Export Turnover
USD 976 m

Import Turnover
USD 569 m

No. of Enterprise

PCI Graph

(From 2006 - 2018)

An integrated hub of business, education, manufacturing, transportation and logistics

Strategic location

Being the largest and fourth-most populated province in the country, Nghe An province boasts a prime location in the heart of the North Central Region for major manufacturers and investors to further contribute to the development of Vietnam. With Vinh as the city, Nghe An is the center of economic and culture in the North Central Region.



At the center of business, Nghe An has 82 km of coastline, an international airport, good quality national highways, access to 3 deep seaports and railway station. In addition, there are 4 border gates to Laos border which are well connected by highways. The nearest border gate, Thanh Thny International Border Gate to Laos is on 45 kilometers Vinh City.


Synchronized Infrastructure and Services for Investors

Nghe An is among the few provinces with a varied infrastructure and services for investors.
Power supply source for daily use and production of the city is guaranteed to supply the national power. Water supply with a capacity of about 80,600 m3/day and night supply the fresh water for Vinh City and its suburbs with expandable plan up to 150,000 m3 in 2020. Financial and Banking Service are available to meet the remand of investors.   


Extensive Educational Opportunities and Workforce

Alongside this extensive infrastructure of Nghe An, there is a growing educated working-age population. Over 24,000 new graduates are drawn 7 universities, 6 colleges, 4 professional schools and 61 vocational training schools in Nghe An. According to Nghe An Government, Nghe An in the educational and training center providing sufficient qualified human resources for investment, development and is a large market for all goods, services. The total number of human resources consists of over 1.7 million laborers, of which professionally-educated people ac for 42%, skill - trained workers ac for 32%.


Positive Investment Climate

Special tax incentives with full support Nghe An government are granted by Dong Nam Economic Zone. WHA Industrial Zone 1 - Nghe An is currently drawing both local and foreign direct investment, as a strategic manufacturing hub in Vietnam, attracting extensive development. 

According to Nghe An Government Office (http://nghean.gov.vn), Nghe An has made efforts to improve the environment for investment and business. The province has effectively practiced the slogan "The authority goes together with enterprises" by organizing direct dialogues between the authority and companies to solve problems and difficulties for the investors, positively implementing administrative reform and granting preferential policies for investment incentives and support in the proper manner, providing all favorable conditions for enterprises to study and seek for investment opportunities, and to carry out their investment projects effectively in the province.
Source: Comparative Advantages of Nghe An Province.