Infrastructure and Utilities

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Water Supply

  • 4,000 – 12,000
    m3/day  (expandable)
  • Standard supply 30 m3/ha/day  
  • Source Cam River
  • Water supply is provided through WHAUP Nghe An JSC

Wastewater Treatment Plant

  • Primary and Secondary of Aerated Lagoon (AL) and Constructed Wetland of 3,200 - 9,600 m3/day (expandable)
  • Wastewater treatment is provided through WHAUP Nghe An JSC

Power Supply by EVN

  • 2 dedicated transmission lines of 22KV Cua Lo Subsation, with capacity of 65MVA
  • 110 kV transmission lines available upon application to EVN

Road System

  • Main Road with 67m Right of Way, 4 lanes with Reinforced Concrete pavement 
  • Secondary Road with 30m Right of Way, 2 lanes with Reinforced Concrete pavement


  • Good signal telephone lines 
  • Fiber optic for high speed internet
  • Wireless internet with various mobile phone packages

Land Elevation

  • 2.50 – 2.70 m. above mean sea level

Drainage and Flood Control System

  • Dike at the height of 4.30 m. with drainage pumping system 
  • Internal drainage channel, box and pipe culvert system to receive run-off the land plots

Firefighting System

  • Fire hydrant at every 150m
  • Large retention ponds for firefighting water reserve

Emergency Response

  • Two existing firefighting station located within 10 km (at Cua Lo) and one new firefighting station located next to the office area to be completed within 2019

Medical Care

  • Public hospital & international hospital located within 15 km 
  • Emergency ambulance service available 24/7 nearby